a Div of Advanced Technologies R & D, Inc. an international Corp. NOW renamed:
Our American contact address is:
PO Box 9011 - PMB 5555
Calexico, CA. 92232-9011
NEW SKYPE Phone numbers:
760-335-6111, RAM Engineering, jprohner1

Welcome! This is the PRIMARY ENGINEERING site to provide alternative energy news for the GOOD people that dream to help the planet and WANT, Openness toward this planet saving Technology.
The "Plasmic Transition" Technology OR Process    is very much alive outside the USA.     It's biggerand quieter!
    The technology, hardware &: electronics, IS ON THE " Plasmic Transition", SITE. All NEW development will be on this site, it is the PRIMARY information and reference transfer site.
NOW development of the technology is done here and at Labs outside the USA!!
    This place has a GREAT BEACH and is an AWSOME place to live and work...

We have been, Since 1974, a pre-eminent Consulting Engineering Firm

    A very Far sighted and versatile Research, Design & Development" Company whose Discoveries include:

   ♦ The Plasmic Transition Process for alternative Renewable Energy production, Now being co developed in many countries with us. (Illegal in the USA!!!)
   ♦ The discovery and development of the RF BLOCK Conversion Techniques used by Satellite TVRO and every direct to TV satellite system and Various Military, Etc. uses. Developed in 1981 now used everywhere.
   ♦ design and development of a 284,000 Channel HF (1.6 to 30 MHz), in 10 HZ steps, Military Type Transceiver, in 1990 for military manpack applications. Very light weight and frequency versatile. First use of a microprocessor in an analog RF device as a very smart controller.
   ♦ In the 1970s The original 2 transistor CB 100 Watt Linear Power Amplifier, a variant is still used by most truckers to this day for CB ing the world. Made that was the day. My handle was "churchmouse" and I drove a brand new 2 Cylinder, 750 CC, Honda between LA and my production in Iowa. Yellow no less.
   ♦ In 1990, with the investment of a LA Lawyer, we developed The predecessor to the I POD, was complete with a round dial pad on the front. A couple years latter and Apple had one when we could not get LCDs.
   ♦ In the later 1990s, working for a company in Austin, we developed The predecessor to the I PAD, Altho at the time it was meant to be a Internet portal for elderly and disabled persons. Of course we all know that is Now copied and evolved,
   ♦ we have great software or firmware experience, even taught "Embedded C" to many, persons to write, or help you write firmware, software or even solid "Provisional" Patents
   ♦ and Many other NEW Technologies and products.

   ♦ We also have worked with nearly all the major BIOS software manufacturers like Phoenix, AMI and many others.
   ♦We are also involved in the Linux Kernel and Android OS, as well as many real time Operating systems and applications or Firmware.
   ♦ Programming can be done in C, Embedded C, Assembler, Cobol and binary or disassembly and rewrite.

   ♦ We design the systems, create the electronics to do it, draw our own Schematics, Layout our own PC Boards, stuff, test and deliver complete embedded prototype controllers or systems, fully operational and programmed to the job. AND copied ALOT!!!

     Our mission is to make ANY "PLANET SAVING" new technology available to all, into the world and in use, as quickly as possible.     Providing a more livable world for our kids and US.


     The "Plasmic Transition" Engine project has restarted.
     We are completing a set of 2, 4 & 6 cylinder opposed (boxer) and in line test units, based on the engines Rohner ran & TESTED in Las Vegas but upgraded with all the new developments from the past 4 years. IF you would like to help feel free to contact us..! RAM Engineering, MX



    This is our PRIMARY ENGINEERING site to provide a place to study, research and develop many different ideas that are better done this way that in the terrible USA environment where even the Government will rip you off and raising investment is no longer a USUAL thing but is now frowned on by those too greedy to have the patience to get it done proper.
    We have learned the lesson that the US court system has no use for truth and that the US government has no use for "new technology" or even state law, from what happened to Inteligentry. THIS IS THE ANSWER, find a Friendly Country and forget America let the rich, Tax evaders, crooked, CON ARTISTS, etc. and welfare folks have it, as it disintegrates.

    We will be working with many different areas of alternative energy, Alternative Power Generation, Alternative Propulsion systems, Alternate housing systems and such. YES, we plan to play with any and all "alternative" ideas that we can. ANYTHING that we expect to enhance the world instead of destroying it.

    Our first project is to merge all groups information and complete the Plasmic Transition Technology engines, in several forms, sizes and capabilities, both High and low speeds. So that is where we start, NOW.
    Then we use the funds from "Licensing" that technology to fund other projects as presented by inventors for our help and accepted as a project. Our contract with inventors is not to "steal" their discoveries but simply partner the proper resources with them for their success, Lab Space, Engineers, R & D, Patent lawyers etc.

Whatever needs to be done for the GOOD people that dream to help the planet and mourn the loss of start-ups like Inteligentry. AN OPENess toward planet saving Technology.

    Foreign development centers will join us as the PRIMARY information and reference transfer site.
NOW development of the technologies will be done here, BY US and at Labs outside the USA!!
    WE have a GREAT BEACH, friendly trustworthy people and AN AWESOME place to live and work...


     RAM Engineering has been, since 1974, a pre-eminent Consulting Engineering Firm for both Hardware Research and Development and Firmware, even BIOS and LINUX, our primary OS ---- Well, OK our control apps on Cell Phones and Tablets is Android and we have no plans to support IOS. We represent a group of very very Far sighted and versatile, Research, Design & Development" as a Company already with many Discoveries (see home page). Not a bad place to work, learn or pass knowledge on to newbees.

     Our mission is to make ANY "PLANET SAVING" new technology available to all, into the world and in use, as quickly as possible.     Providing a more livable world for our kids and US.


     Most everyone that has talked to John Rohner knows that his primary plan was to develop new ecologically sound products. Had the US Government not removed Inteligentry's initial income of 18 million dollars, John would, right now, be north of Las Vegas at a "hot spring" the company would have bought, as a base Research & Design location. This new faculty would be staffed by "older experienced Engineers & Scientists that were "terminated" early but wanted to continue to "tinker" and help the world ecologically.
     That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's, & the investor's, dream. HELP THE WORLD!! BUT the GREEDY screwed that Up!!

     The picture presented, ABOVE, on this page, is a nice warm tropical beach in a very warm, comfortable and dry climate with warm water in the "SEA of Cortez". Sound familiar??, ok not a "hot springs" but even nicer beach.

     Now all that is needed is:

     1. A building, fully air conditioned and equipped with a secure internal network and 12 terabyte server for initial development offices and growth. It will also need a test lab and even test area. Will "Sand buggies" make for a fun test vehicle, or maybe a small "EX" diesel pusher RV or an uninterruptible power source using one of our engines etc. Other things like 4 x 4s, electric vehicles, new boats and aircraft will also be "Toys". All made here, at the airport hangar or such and work areas,

     2. People that don't need to make more money, are not greedy and want to use their skills to help the world while enjoying their life and enjoying the world and their accomplishments.
     Yes, if this was the Seventies we might call this a "commune" and for most of us this would be nearly that. A nice comfortable, safe place to continue to produce, learn, evolve and simply live and enjoy. A life without the USA "politics" (no "Village Idiot" President) and KKK oppressions.

     Housing for whomever will work here: GENERAL information: The average price of a 2 bedroom 2 bath home, within a couple blocks of the beach, is between $45 and $200,000, about $60,000 average and May be the sign on bonus, with a 5 year contract.
     There is abundant fresh vegetables, fruit, bakeries, Restaurants, Fresh fish, clams, etc. and great meat butcher shops, although you do have to get used to no additives to keep it fresh forever, SO (ground beef needs to be eaten in a few days) and the milk is whole milk and the best any person can drink, seems the US Government got that wrong too as the milk provides vitamins and actually reduces cholesterol. Of course there is also fresh fish, clams and BIG shrimp. The living environment is very 60/70ish, friendly people that are honest and do smile.

     Not a bad place to kick back and enjoy life while helping the planet. It is also just the starting point. If the group decided that the "center" should be somewhere else, Say CAN CUN or Belize, for scuba etc., we expect to be able to vote at any monthly meeting if the subject comes up. There will be monthly meetings so everyone will know how things are overall etc.

     Oh and complete heath care, for all, at $300 a year, "walk in and get it" inexpensive pharmacies (my meds cost over $120 in the US and are less than $30 here, great dental and vision care. No Medicare costs... These "third world" countries are "TERRIBLE" this way. :0)

     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive contact: CAN I HELP?
     Resumes ARE being accepted, and phone numbers traded, so we can talk and see what we can do for the world.

    Since we were primary in the discovery and development of this revolutionary Alternative renewable Energy technology, and are helping get patents written and filed, we will continue to support the Plasmic Transition Process.

    HOWEVER, since the US District Court for Nevada, in Las Vegas, NV., has banned this technology, for any use or development, within the USA, we can not help any company inside the USA with anything that relates to this use,
or any Plasma usage OR technology.

    SO, The Plasmic Transition Process or Technology", or maybe any use of Plasma, is illegal for use by any company inside the USA, per current court order, temporarily now BUT may become permanent soon.

    HOWEVER, if you require a specific Embedded Control system (ECS) for some "Un named" research project we may help, remotely, ie. from one of the OFF SHORE companies or consulting engineering offices, like we are.
    Labeled "Not for USE in the USA" of course. :0)

    BUT we can only do this if the requester is NOW a licensed master, or other license holder as checked against the current records of licensees from PTP. SEE Contact Page for Plasmic Transition process, Ltd or "Control Systems Consulting" for contact information to check or acquire licenses to the Process and technologies.

    Please note that the Electronic Control System we have developed and copyrighted, is not being released "Open" and anyone that copies our materials, or designs, will be sued.
Licensing it is much less expensive..

    Advanced Technologies R & D. and us are NOW the licensing AGENT's for Country or area masters or individual OEM use licenses, like the "Inteligentry" plans and ideas. We are the holder of all the work done to design, develop and validate the Plasmic Transition. Process and technologies.
(these are LINKS!) enjoy...




     As many of you know John Rohner was issued a "bench warrant" for CONTEMPT.
Of course, John does have contempt for any court that acts as this one has. This court took pure BS, fully unproven, and ruled it as Fact. Never even looking for, or at, truth and justice. Is this what you want on a committee to set "proper" sentences. Maybe your senator needs to know about this judge as he was nominated supposedly because of his great "understanding" of facts.

     That was really because the SEC could not or rather were not smart enough to read a simple document that stated that I had lived the last 3 years on my Social security and was not rich. The SEC believes that somehow I socked away millions of dollars from a total investment of $844,000, while I took no pay check from it either.

     The reason the court issued the warrant was because the SEC wants not only to BAN this technology in the USA, which they have done, But also remove all trace of it anywhere, Web Sites, You Tube etc. They got the judge to order all my web sites, or any I even had maintenance for, removed, BUT NO ONE ELSES!

     Then the SEC actually went to Youtube and logged all the videos about the Plasma engine, downloaded these and put them on a DVD which they gave to the court stating I was in "criminal contempt".

     There is no order that removes anything that the court has provided.

     Moreover we all know that a court can not infringe a "civil right" of a person, and remember this judge worked for the NAACP while he was a lawyer, and may still.

     John has asked several groups, like the ACLU to step in. He has been told that as ong as he does not sell anything the web sites are informational to the "majority" and outside the courts juristiction.
the Girouard/SEC Greedies are simply trying to "lock up" the world. So I am reworking all the sites and will get them all back up soon.

     Also the Investors corporation was forced by the SEC to disband so it is clear the court has no interest in helping the "investors".
     That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's, & the investor's, dream. HELP THE WORLD!! BUT the GREEDY screwed that Up!!

     John's Brother Bob & his sidekicks, Girouard and Klosterman, all Clean Energy Inc (CEI) refugees that had scammed over 18 million dollars, by perjury, got the SEC to do their worst, (Rape Inteligentry). The CEI Guys also had inside help of other GREEDY people. Specifically Tana Kane and Dan Glover and of course that "homeless guy" that John, and others, now charged with his crimes, "helped out", Tana's live-in boy, who had given his wife to another guy to use, Peter Amiet. Peter had already tried to grab the company once and was fired for it. The CEI GUYS expected to be able to get back to milking the "Cash Cow", as they had for so many years, once the real legitimate company, Inteligentry, was gone. In reality, it simply multiplied the efforts to "actually" make products and not just suck monies, as CEI did. This action served to fracture the single element, Inteligentry, into many autonomous, self sufficient, other "developers" outside the USA. It also delayed the introduction of the technology by a couple years thus robbing everyone in the world of cleaner air and less expensive power etc..

     However there is funding available and the engine is ongoing so never fear, soon we will stuff a running engine down these Greedy AHs and sue for damages to us and the world.
     BUT the GREEDY screwed that Up!!


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